Our Services –
An overview of our prices

We offer a wide range of massages and other services. We do not have all of our services listed below so if would like a cusom inquiry please fillout our form on the contact page and we will be in touch.

  • Deep Clean Facial
    A custom-designed an intensive deep-pore cleansing that uses a serum fit for your skin type to deep, The facial is cleaned, toned and exfoliated and then treated to a therapeutic massage, soothing skin and eye treatment and purifying mask. Skin is left hydrate, refreshed and silky smooth.

  • Nu Skin age Loc Facial
    The secret high-tech facial treatment targets the ultimate sources of aging for dramatically younger looking skin today- and in the future. Ageloc helps restore the facial firmness and contours that define a youthful appearance. This facial contouring serum helps to diminish age-induced signals that can decrease elastin production.
  • Sea Salt Scrub
    A healthy and natural method to cleanse and exfoliate you entire body, removes dead skin cells and moisturize the skin with AHA rejuvenate oil and vitamin E.
  • Mud Wrap
    Hydrate, detoxify & brighten your skin with Dead Sea mud which clears pores and deeply cleaning the whole body.
  • Thermal Hand & Foot Spa
    Apply Epoch sole and hand treatment restores healthy heels, toes, and hands with thermal spa that leave skin and nails smooth and nourishes.


Signature facial, Deep Clean Facial,
Nu Skin Hydrating & Ageloc Facial,
Sea Salt Scrub, Mud Wrap, Thermal
Hand & Foot Spa, Hair removal


We offer yoga in house classes. Please register ahead of schedule as we tend to fill up.

  • Yoga Basic Class
    50 minutes
  • Yoga - Intermediate Class
    120 minutes
  • Yoga Expert Class
    80 minutes
  • Bikram Yoga
    80 minutes
  • Anusara Yoga
    60 minutes
  • Hatha
    45 minutes