Neurological Disorders and Sexual Problems

A neurological disorder causes disruptions in the “communication network” of the body. The common neurological disorders are spinal injuries, strokes, head injuries, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS). Accidents and injuries can often cause these disorders. This can cause sexual difficulties.

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The following are the neurological disorders that interfere with sexual performance:

  1. Strokes

Strokes or Cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) are very common. Millions of people worldwide fall to this condition. Many of them are able to make considerable discovery; however, the sex lives of the survivors may be inhibited due to restricted movement of the body.

While this situation itself is untreatable, one can get round the problem with the support of the partner. Most people do this by the use of vibrators.

  1. Multiple sclerosis (MS)

As common as the condition of MS is, many of the people suffering from the condition are able to maintain a fulfilling sex life. The problem might lie in achieving orgasm. Among men, the problem may lie in getting an erection. Male MS sufferers can; however, use medication for the problem.

Viagra generally works successfully. If not, there are other newer medications like Cialis and Levitra. If none of these options work, there are other methods of treatment like the use of a vacuum pump or penile injections. In UK, NHS provides free treatment for erectile dysfunction to the patients of MS. More information about the program can be found here.

  1. Parkinson’s disease

This common modern day disease causes trembling and incordination in movement of different parts of the body. This can result in problems with intercourse and erection. However, there are several oral treatment options for erectile dysfunction. These drugs are not contra-indicated in males suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Spinal injuries

Serious damage to the spinal cord can occur during road accidents or from more severe cases of fall from a height. Injuries in the spine can result in paralysis and loss of sensation in those regions of the body that lie below the point of the injury of the spine. This affects sexual functioning of the person. Men can develop problems with erection. For young couples, this can mean difficulty in having children. For women’s sexuality and spinal cord injury click here

The new medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, like Cialis and Levitra (and the popular Viagra), usually work well. For men who are trying to father children, there are more recent innovative methods of obtaining sperm. One of them is electro-ejaculation.

In this technique, an electric stimulus is applied to the prostrate region, via the rectum. This helps in sperm release. Another method devised in 2008 is a cheaper alternative to to electro-ejaculation. This involves the use of a specially-designed vibrator for men, which operates at a particular set frequency (usually there is freedom to choose the frequency). The most popular brand is the Danish-designed Multicept Ferticare – a high amplitude multiple frequency vibrator (works best in the range of 60-100 Hz).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, other erectile problems such as premature ejaculation have no link whatsoever to neurological disorders, and treatment for PE and can be from natural medication after first consulting your doctor.