• The top rated spa in Orlando, Florida.

    We offer a personal, tailored, experience for each guest. We offer a wide array of services or a fusion of many Modalities in a single experience!

Welcome to Bcataxia SPA –
a place for relaxation and beauty

Discover ancient healing philosophies from China, Thailand and the Pacific Rim. Our Oriental Massage paired with the most advanced methods and therapies of the 21st Century, offer one of Orlando’s most unique spa experiences. Bcataxia Spa is Luxurious Asian Massage at its finest


Our secret high-tech facial treatments target the ultimate sources of aging for dramatically younger looking skin today- and in the future. Ageloc helps restore the facial firmness and contours that define a youthful appearance.


A therapeutic technique that releases patterns of tension throughout the body. Slow strokes and deep finger pressure are used across the grain of muscles and tendons, alleviating tightness and muscle soreness.


This centuries-old therapy, known as passive yoga, is the perfect answer for anyone searching for optimal health, the release of tension and the restoration of vitality.

About Us

Our Goal is to combine our skills developed, working around the world and deliver the same experience one would have at a world class 5 star resort, without paying the resort prices.

We bring experience from performing multiple styles of massage from all over the globe. We combine styles from the Pacific Rim, China, Hawaii, and Europe, styles like Swedish (long flowing strokes to promote relaxation) Shiatsu, Reflexology (Feet) and we infuse therapies like Deep Tissue & Hot Stone, to offer a truly unique experience.

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